These are some of our common customer’s questions:

QUESTION: Do you offer custom and personalized orders?
ANSWER: Yes, it is possible to request the personalization for some of our items, just contact us!

QUESTION: I live in USA, do I have to pay customs duties?
ANSWER: United States customs duty and taxes are NOT charged if the total amount of your purchase is up to USD 800,00.

QUESTION: How can I track my shipment?
ANSWER:  For each order shipped we always add the tracking number to the shipping confirmation message.
If you’ve chosen STANDARD SHIPMENT, it is possible to track your package directly on the web site of your country.
For example if you live in United States >
if you live in United Kingdom >
and so on.
If you need any help to track a package, please do not hesitate to contact me!

QUESTION: The tracking number is always available?
ANSWER: Yes, the post office offers tracking information about the priority registered mail in any countries (US, Europe, Asia, Singapore,…) except for Australia, Canada and Ireland where it is always possible to see only the proof of departure and delivery.

QUESTION: I need to receive more information about a product / shipmentANSWER: Any requests are welcome!
ANSWER: If you need more information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to answer as soon as possible.